Service Order Policies 



14041 N. Bayshore Drive 

Madeira Beach, Florida 33708 


This Service Order (“S.O.”) is between the client and homewatchguru (“HWG”) and is made in accordance with the terms of the Service Order Confirmation or its equivalent. 


Description of Services 

HWG shall provide services as prescribed and at the time of location indicated in the Service Order Confirmation or its equivalent. 

Client may request, and HWG may provide, additional services upon terms and rates that shall be mutually agreed to in writing between the parties in a separate agreement. 


Key and Access Permissions

Client shall deliver Access Keys of the Service Location to HWG as follows:

  • Deposit with third parties. Client shall provide Name, Address, E-mail, and Phone Number of the Third Party no later than 3 days before the Period of Performance;
  • Delivery by registered mail. Client shall mail the keys of the Property no later than 3 days before the Period of Performance to HWG via USPS Registered Mail to 14041 N. Bayshore Drive | Madeira Beach, Florida 33708, or;
  • Key Drop Off. Client shall personally deliver the Keys of the Property to HWG no later than 3 days before the Period of Performance to 14041 N. Bayshore Drive | Madeira Beach, Florida 33708. HWG assumes no liability connected to the delayed delivery of keys. Please provide extra keys when practical to do so.
  • Return of Keys. Promptly upon completion of services, HWG shall return the keys to the service address or as otherwise instructed. 
  • Key Deposit. Client may deposit a copy of their Keys with HWG for reoccurring orders. Key deposit is subject to a separate Key Deposit Form signed by HWG and the Client. 


HWG Responsibilities

  • HWG does not guarantee any outcome other than to provide services to the best of its abilities.
  • HWG shall inform the Client promptly if any unusual or occurrences or problems/damages are detected during the presence of HWC in and around the Service Location. In case of danger of Service Location or illness or accident of pet animals, HWC shall, if possible, initially inform the Client, and alternatively the person whom the Client has appointed as Emergency Contact. 


Client Responsibilities 

  • Client shall provide the means and permission for HWG and its agents to enter the Service Location for the duration of this Agreement. 

  • Client shall provide clear and accurate instructions and details to HWG regarding requested services. Client authorizes HWG to use such information for HWG Home Watch or any additional service (including HWG mobile App as used by HWG authorized parties only). 

  • Client shall provide any necessary information or property (ex: technical descriptions, instruction manuals, specialty tools) for completion of services. Alternatively, Client authorizes HWG to procure the same at the expense of the Client. 

  • Client shall fully cooperate with HWG to facilitate services. 

  • Client shall provide proof of authority over Service Location. 

  • Client shall maintain all necessary property insurance and shall hold HWG and its agents blameless and indemnify HWG for any costs associated with the actions or inaction of the Client. 

  • Client shall disclose any other parties with permission to be at the Service Location, any appliance controls, and monitoring or alarm systems and shall notify any related services of HWG’s permission to be at the service location. 


Out-of-Pocket Expenses / Invoice Procedures 

Client shall pay all reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the Client. Client shall pay the Initial Invoice 3 days before Period of Performance. All subsequent invoices must be paid within 5 business days. Invoices balances are subject to 18% interest. Unpaid invoice balances constitute a material breach of this agreement after 30 days. 



All sales are final. 

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