From our own experience we know exactly how difficult it is to find reliable people to watch over your residence or seasonal or vacational home when you are not around. 


Home Surveillance Systems are not only costly, but sometimes stressful (e.g. a certain angle missing) and there are also privacy concerns, especially if you have renters. We believe that best results are achieved when human and technical expertise meets. Our Home Watch Inspectors can use their nose, eyes and common sense and have hands to actually change something (e.g. rebooting an appliance). They work with modern electronics based on our company owned Check IT (Cloud Solution).


✔ Check report including pictures and time stamp. 

✔ Our offering is very transparent and there are no hidden fees. 

✔ Our goal is to treat your property as if it were our own investment.

Barbara Scheifele worked many years in IT, banking, insurance, government and education. Barbara speaks English, German, French and Italian. She has a Master of Arts and a Master of Higher and Secondary Education.


Henri Scheifele During the course of his banking career he gathered a profound amount of experience in financing and valuating property, both commercial and residential. He has a Master in Economics from the University in Zurich and speaks English, German and French.

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