FOR PROs - Gain time for growing your business!

Since we focus on checks and do not sell or rent property or offer maintenance or construction services, our services are carried out 100% free of conflict of interest


Get an individual offer: 

✔ condo buildings

✔ neighboring or town houses

✔ gated communities 

✔ commercial property

FOR HOAs - How many of your unit owners are seasonal or absentee?

We can support your association with regular on-site property checks and inquiries that will help your owners to detect damage early and to comply with your association rules, and with your city code requirements.

  • Damage that occurs while seasonal owners are not around is the worst; for example water damage can easily spread quickly throughout a condo building. 
  • Services paid for but not done by a qualified firm in the right time or quality is a waste of money.
  • Absentee owners may have short-term or long-term bad renters, squatters or unit vandalism, that regular homewatchguru on-site checks discover quickly.
  • Any owner can violate Assocation restrictions concerning pets, numbers of cars allowed on premises, initiation of construction or similar work without required pre-project permits and approval, or any other type of Code irregularity.  
  • Most important, regular on-site checks provide more peace of mind for absentee owners and the Association.


  • Homewatchguru agents are Home Watch inspectors but not licensed property inspectors. We deliver an immediate and accurate report regarding the status of a property based on our visual check. 



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