Exterior check activities


✔ Signs of forced entry or vandalism


✔ Ensure front of house is uncluttered (e.g. retrieve garbage and recycling containers from street, remove trash). Assist in complying with city and HOA codes and rules


✔ Check outside doors (incl. basement and garage) and all windows/screens if closed and undamaged


✔ Collect mail, advertising, door hangers, etc. and deposit at the agreed spot


✔ Walls and fences, visual check of the dock, check ropes, covers and general appearance of the water crafts (if dock on property)


✔ Drainage problems on property including roof, gutters, balcony or terrace (visual check)


Garden furniture, umbrellas, storage boxes, etc.


✔ Yard and garden plants (condition according to season), do sprinkler systems work, has your landscaping company carried out the agreed work


✔ Any signs of undesirable neighborly activities (e.g. trespassing, remodeling or building projects)


✔ Outdoor faucets and hose connections (turned off and sealed), visual check of pool and spa, pool pump, chlorinator, skimmer


✔ Damage to the roof, substructure (visual check); e.g. shifted tiles, tree debris, clogged gutters


✔ Any signs of mold, mildew, rodents, insect infestation or any undesired water intrusion


✔ Replace light bulbs in outside areas, if defective and area is easily accessible


✔ Any kind of damage or irregularity



Interior check activities


✔ Indoor climate (smell check), airing rooms and/or increase A/C (dehumidifying), disposal of perishables and small trash


✔ Heating or A/C working properly and at a cost efficient temperature (thermostat at 78-80 degrees / humidistat at 60-65 %); check circuit breakers


✔ Replace air filters of A/C (monthly)


✔ Replace broken light bulbs (if easily accessible)


✔ Replace batteries of smoke detectors and similar devices if necessary (if easily accessible)


✔ Structural damage (visual check) on windows, (dry)walls, ceilings and floors. Obvious signs of humidity and water damage


✔ Operate faucets in kitchen and bathroom and flush toilets (preventing build up of calcium)


✔ Check for leaks under sink in kitchen, bathroom, run dishwasher if there are unpleasant odors


✔ Check power supply and inside temperature of refrigerator, freezer and wine cooler

TV/internet router and other electronic devices (not in use: off or unplugged) 


✔ Water heater (if not turned off: visual check of temperature and leaks)


✔ Moisture, mold, mildew, rodents or insects (visual check, including kitchen cabinets)


✔ Watering of indoor plants and terraces up to 1,000 sqft (surcharge for larger terraces or excessive planting)


✔ Adjust blinds, curtains, reprogram lighting schedule. Simulate a presence and improve security


✔ Laundry room, cellar, storage room and attic (visual check, if easy accessible)


✔ Garage and car, motorcycle, Trailer, RV:  visual check of your garage and vehicles (tire pressure, liquid leaks, signs of mildew, rust) - upon request charging battery or changing position on your property (property looks occupied) 


✔ Any kind of damage or irregularity


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