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Q: Do our Home Watch Inspectors have a code of conduct?

A: Yes. This is very important and is a key element of our corporate philosophy. We respect your privacy and treat your home accordingly. 

Our inspectors put on overshoes and use hand sanitizer whenever entering your home. No objects are moved, opened or touched, except those that are necessary to carry out the job. Photographs are taken only for the purpose of clarification with the customer or in case of issues. Our inspectors are constantly trained in sensitive subjects and accompanied. We select our people carefully. Discretion, honesty, intellect and a good reputation are mandatory. We value diverse work and life experiences, flexible thinking and common sense. We only work with people we trust and who show trust in us.

Our Home Watch inspectors work according to strict requirements of our Swiss Management, which has experience in construction, renovation and maintenance of real estate. The checks are carried out in a structured manner. This ensures that the sensitive points of a property are consistently controlled. Thanks to our modern cloud solution, you will immediately receive the check results.


Q: Can't my neighbor watch my house while I am away? 

A: It is good to have friendly relations with your neighbors. But, it makes sense to trust your property to a Home Watch professional. Neighbors usually pick up your mail and take a look at your home from time to time. What happens if your neighbor is sick or unexpectedly out of town? 

Our Home Watch Inspectors have a trained eye and can identify problems when they emerge. Homewatchguru works exactly according to checklist to ensure that all tasks are completed and issues are identified before major repairs or inconveniences occur. If home checks are inconsistent and irregular, damage will be identified too late. 


Q: I have installed cameras and motion detectors. What are the additional benefits of homewatchguru?

A: Our customers rely not only on technology (such as internet cameras, remote controls, temperature and hydrometers) but rather on the judgment of a person who can look around the corners and into cabinets, who can smell odors and, if necessary, can promptly tackle and troubleshoot any issues. What if there is a power outage or if the internet is not working? Do the ongoing messages (activity) of your monitoring systems sometimes make you uneasy or even annoy you?


Q:  How often is a Home Watch inspection done? What are my options?

A: This depends entirely on the property type, its condition and location, weather conditions and your personal preferences. It is up to you what feels right for you. The Home Check Basic (HCB) is the thorough property inspection and can be carried out in a reduced form if, for example, you do not want anyone in your house, in that case you may select the Home Check Exterior (HCE) option. If you need additional services, such as feeding your cat, you can schedule additional visits for only those desired activities, without a general check. This is the Standalone Service (SAL).


Q: What happens if an issue is detected?

A: If we cannot reach you and it is an emergency situation we will proceed using common sense from a pragmatic and cost-effective point of view. In all other cases, we document the damage to notify you as soon as possible or get in touch via your preffered media. You will decide how to proceed.


Q: Is homewatchguru a security company?

A: Our Home Watch Inspectors stop by regularly to restore or maintain a specific order in and around the home, so it looks as if you never left. We also move blinds/curtains, parked cars if wished, change interior lighting and accept many other tasks important to you. We may also be your emergency contact for police, fire, contractors, cleaning service or simply for the house key.


Q: Can I expect my information to be kept confidential?

A: Yes, we treat your information absolutely confidentially. For example, keys are kept separately from the owner information under lock and key. Our Home Watch Inspectors have been carefully selected and work in accordance with strict rules. We are interested in long-term customer relationships and recommendations and, therefore, we treat your property as if it were our own. 


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